Mint NFTs for FREE ✨ on Mintable!

Gas fees is the number one concern that users point out β€” often waiting to mint their NFTs so they don’t need to pay $20-$40 to make a single item. Well now, that’ll never happen again as we released gasless minting!

Mint your NFT for FREE, Only spend the money when you actually sell it.

Let's make one right now 🎨

First Step First

  1. Click the "sell" button at the top of the page.

Select Minting Type

Select Gassless minting if you simply want to own it, unless you want to transfer aka sell it.

Select 'Transactional' to mint it like an ERC 721, Ready for distribution.

Lets mint it & Own it

Connect your wallet and /or login then make your first NFT.

Woooza, That's it.

You minted your Art.

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