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Changing the way art is valued.

Empower your own cultural economy with NFT items built to motivate your fans to share, collect & trade copyrighted and royalty based items on the blockchain.

We DO NOT have a token on Uniswap or any Exchange.

We purely do this out of community service.


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What is How to NFT ?

On How to NFT, you can let your fans become active participants within your brand by offering them a trading card, or any collectible minted by you as a form of a trade-able token of love with copyright and resell-able rules . You can also give them access to exclusive content, community, and insight into your creative process. In exchange, you get the freedom to do your best work, and the stability you need to build an independent creative career.

How can I make use of NFT in what I do ?

NFT's are a generic by nature and can be used by any one , in any brand .

Content is a major play here with NFTs , How can you connect high quality content through art and value with these assets that help you put a price on culture and consumable IPs .

Let's Make One ✨

5 Simple steps to Mint a NFT item

It's really easy , let's get it done within 5 steps.

Build something fascinating

Build something that outshines your existing brand , in a way your audience sees value owning it.

Anything of value to your fans :

  1. GIF

  2. Video Clip of an Epic Event

  3. Trading Card

  4. Illustration

  5. 3d render of an illustration

  6. Coded illustration that changes as per real data. (Most Rare)

Get yourself some Ethereum ♦

Download the apps to buy yourself a few dollars worth of ethereum. See how much it will cost Mint , Transfer , Bid on a NFT Item.

Buy Ethereum from any of these places :

Binance | Coinbase | CashApp

Withdraw your ethereum to :

Metamask | Coinbase

Mint your item

Connect & Login into SuperRare.

There are different products for different type of items, like SuperRare, OpenSea, Rareable these are for grahic and video art.See what marketplace your item should be on.

Create/Mint a new NFT

Fill the form and add your rules to the NFT , how much royalty do you want each time it resells, or from where you want to start the bid.

clicking the MINT button will ask you to sign the transaction where SuperRare will ask you to sign the transaction on metamask. Once done it will be permanent on your account, and as its sold you will get the proceeds in your metamask wallet.

Fans bidding

Your NFT is now live and avalible to the world, let all your followers and fans know that you have a RARE piece of art on SuperRare. Tweet, Share, Go Live, Create FOMO !


now your proceedings will be available in your metamask account.

Show off your NFT collection in style

Create your personal space and share it with the world.

Now lend your rare item to brands and earn passive income

It's like having a celebrity child

Why artists love NFTs

Frequently asked questions

Why are NFTs valued so much ?

One word 'Rarity' , the items minted by you as a creator need to be limited edition only a few pieces or sometimes only just one piece. That's what gives value to Mona Lisa or even the street brands like 'Supreme'.

Is the NFT just a trend and will it wash over time ?

Absolutely not ! NFT has value only because of immutably which clearly means no one can alter it once its minted. Absolutely no one keep that in mind.

I find it hard to mint an NFT, do you provide professional help ?

Well if you require our help simply ask, we can mint it for you and send you the NFT on your wallet address.But its better to learn it yourself as this can be a key driving force in user engagement.

How much will it cost to mint an NFT

Minting an NFT requires gas fees which is mostly linked to the ethereum ecosystem.Here you can check the gas fees changes in real time and make an estimate. NFT Platform Fees

The world of NFT is growing with big names

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